PCLTool SDK Option II – PCLPrint / PCLView


PCLPrint.exe is a console program that converts PCL into an in-memory DIB-Raster or GDI-vector/text page image and then renders it to a printer device context. It is commonly called from our Port Monitor’s Redirector program (Rdest.exe) and passes the captured spool file intended for a PCL printer.

The converted PCL is printed to either the default printer driver or to one specified in the Port Monitor configuration dialog or one specified in a application preference (APP.INI) file. This is also a program that can be customized to suit your unique application requirements using PCLTool SDK – Option I.


FastPrint.exe is a console program that sends input PCL to the default or designated PCL printer using the Windows EscapePassThrough function. It’s more efficient and transparent to the end user than opening a DOS shell to use the “COPY /b pcl prn” command. FastPrint.exe is often called from within a PCLXForm.exe script to direct PCL, after it has been streamedited or transformed, to a PCL printer.


PCLView.exe has a graphical user interface that provides a subset of the functionality found in PCLTool.exe and PCLWorks.exe programs. It can index, search, view and print PCL. In order to view the PCL, PCLView converts it into an in-memory DIB-Raster or GDI-vector/text page image and then renders it to the screen or printer device context.

It does not directly convert PCL into other formats like PDF, TIFF and the other supported formats. Nor does it permit the indirect conversion to PDF, TIFF or other file formats by printing to various third party printer drivers.

We have variations of PCLView.exe with names like ViewPCL, PCLPick.exe and BillView.exe that have custom index keyword search dialogs and that use higher level indexes generated by PCLXForm before the PCL is archived. You can also purchase PCLTool SDK – Option I to write your own custom PCL viewer.

In any event, always let us know your application requirements before you write any code so that we can let you know your options. We’ve been in the custom PCL viewer business since 1993, so we probably have something very close to what you are looking for… already developed.


When you purchase PCLTool SDK – Option II you have the right to distribute these programs to up to 100 single PC workstation users.

If you purchase PCLTool SDK Option I, you can select the 100-unit PCL view and/or print only option should you prefer to write a custom PCL View or Print only program. Please refer to Exhibit A, Option I in the standard license agreement for clarification.

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US $695 (64-bit)
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